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Universal knowledge of fire safety is imperative

On the evening of October 13th, Li Keying, police officer of Hunan fire propaganda and service center, came to our company to give lectures on fire safety. Our production management personnel, production backbone, corporate executives and more than 100 people participated in the training.

Officer Lee to "recognise, prevention, self-help" as the theme, cited a recent case of fire occurred in the country and the surrounding area, vividly describes the measures of enterprise, family fire prevention, emphasizes the important significance to improve fire safety awareness of staff.

At present, according to the relevant departments statistics, more than 90% of the fire is caused by electrical, gas, fuel and other reasons. In particular, electrical fires are the majority, everyone should strengthen the electrical equipment safety hazard investigation and governance, should learn to use fire extinguishers, master the initial fire fighting and self-help methods.

The on-site training atmosphere is very lively, students benefit, a deep understanding of the importance of fire prevention and self-help, through interaction, case and other ways, so that more than one hour course among employees are benefited.

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